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“MEN OF MEAN STREET” by Greg Herren BUYNOW Noir has always been one of the most popular—and darkest—sub-genres of the mystery field. Following in the footsteps of such masters of the form as James M. Cain, Raymond Chandler, and Dashiell Hammett, some of the top writers of gay mystery explore this territory of amoral tough guys with a cynical view of the world by giving classic noir a gay twist. Edited by award winning author/editors Greg Herren and J.M. Redmann, Men of the Mean Streets changes the face of gay mystery—and the reader may never look at gay life and culture in the same way again.The Author: Greg Herren is a New Orleans-based author and editor. Former editor of Lambda Book Report, he is also a co-founder of the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival, which takes place in New Orleans every May. He is the author of ten novels, including the Lambda Literary Award winning Murder in the Rue Chartres, called by the New Orleans Times-Picayune “the most honest depiction of life in post-Katrina New Orleans published thus far.” He co-edited Love, Bourbon Street: Reflections on New Orleans, which also won the Lambda Literary Award. He has published over fifty short stories in markets as varied as Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine to the critically acclaimed
anthology New Orleans Noir to various websites, literary magazines, and anthologies. His erotica anthology FRATSEX is the all time best selling title for Insightoutbooks. Under his pseudonym Todd Gregory, he published the bestselling erotic novel Every Frat Boy Wants It and the erotic anthologies His Underwear and Rough Trade.
“BURNING TOUCH by Arvil Amaya BUYNOWHenri Abbey isn’t good at relationships and trying to figure out how to handle dating a man who is surrounded in mystery is starting to become more than he thinks he can handle. When a psychic convention rolls into town and brings with it a string of murdered victims burned alive, Henri has the perfect excuse to avoid Micah, but things don’t go as plan when Henri’s friend, Allison, ends up becoming intertwined in the crime.Searching for answers to keep Allison out of trouble and having to deal with working with a cop who hates psychics, the risks grow even higher when Henri discovers he’s on the trail of a psychic who can start fires with her mind. As Henri juggles psychics, TV mediums, and hints of his past, he must decide if staying with Micah is worth the risk of his heart.The Author: Arvel Amaya is the author of His Own, Paranormal Crime Unit, Consent, Whatever You Want, and the forthcoming Outsiders series. Arvel wrote her first LGBT romance when she was in college working on a degree in creative writing while participating as an activist in her local college gay alliance. She’s a firm believer in sexual freedom and finds erotica gives her a chance to explore all nuances of sexuality, plus it’s pretty damn hot. You can find more of her stories and novels at You can also follow her or twitter or email her at She enjoys hearing from her readers.
“THE GAY DETECTIVE” by  Lou Rand BUYNOWBefore there was Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City, vintage pulp writer Lou Rand delivered this high-camp masterpiece. Set in Beat-era gay-mecca-in-the-making San Francisco, the 1961 novel stars a sissy gumshoe, his butch ex-Marine assistant, a nymphomaniac on the make, and plenty of dishy humor. This flamboyant whodunit is now available for the first time in three decades.The Author: Martin Meeker is an Academic Specialist with the Regional Oral History Office of The Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley, and a member of the board of directors of the GLBT Historical Society in San Francisco. After receiving his doctorate in U.S. history from the University of Southern California, Meeker taught in the history department at San Francisco State University and in the departments of history, undergraduate interdisciplinary studies, and American Studies at UC Berkeley. He has published numerous reviews and encyclopedia articles and he has essays published in the Journal of the History of Sexuality and the Journal of Women’s History. His book, Contacts Desired: Gay and Lesbian Communications and Community, 1940s-1970s, was published by the University of Chicago Press and was the winner of the 2005-2006 John Boswell Prize for the best book in gay, lesbian, bisexual, and…
“CRIMES ON LATIMER” by Joseph DeMarco BUYNOW Six of Marco Fontana’s early cases show some of the forces that helped shape the young P.I. In high school, Fontana discovers that he has a knack for crime solving. Not only that, he likes it. When his English teacher is accused of murdering the school disciplinarian, Marco takes it upon himself to investigate. Some years later, after Marco has explored his options, we find him in his first office on Latimer and Twelfth. Trouble easily manages to find him there. From dealing with a stolen DaVinci sketch, to uncovering a blackmailing murderer, to having a pleasant trip to celebrate Pride in NY turned into a nightmare, to presiding over a murderous leather competition, Marco develops his investigative skills and his techniques for solving difficult cases. Crimes on Latimer presents only six of Fontana s early cases. There are other mysteries in his past which will be explored in cases to come. This half-dozen crime tales open a window onto Marco Fontana’s world before he found himself dealing with the events of Murder on Camac.
“KILLER STORM” by Jen Wright. BUYNOWThe orderly life of Jo Spence is seldom disturbed, except when she is dreaming. As a Juvenile Probation Supervisor in Duluth, Jo loves her work overseeing a staff of highly dedicated professionals. They guide the youth of the city out of trouble while protecting the safety of the community. When a murderer strikes, Jo’s job suddenly becomes unpredictably threatening. She is forced to abandon her home in the country to take refuge with close friend Kathy and her partner Donna. Set against a backdrop of the idyllic life led by the women of the Valley, this suspenseful story reveals the inside world of the courthouse, jails, and the criminal justice system. Multiple murders, an attempt to break a gang leader out of a local detention facility, raids, and drug busts contribute to an action-oriented plot. In the middle of this turbulent time in Jo’s life, her friends set her up with Zoey, a new faculty member at the local university. Their first date turns into a three-day encounter during a record-setting snowstorm. Jo tries unsuccessfully to resist the strong attraction she feels for Zoey, but she is drawn into the most intense affair of her life.Biography: Jen Wright is the author of the popular Jo Spence mystery series, including “Killer Storm,” “Big Noise,” and “Dead Ahead.” She lives in Clover Valley, near Duluth, Minnesota, close to the north shore of Lake Superior. She shares life with her partner, Kari, and their loving canine companions in a tight-knit community of friends.Gay Crime Fiction pg 6

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