Article: HIV Aids

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“AIDS-free generation” was repeated hundreds of times at the 19th International AIDS Conference.  An apparently cured patient attended to have his experience reviewed. Aids patients hoping for a curative vaccine have come to know that there is a wide chasm  between scientists’ and patients’ idea of what a cure will cure be. The drugs AIDS patients take are the only treatment to date. and have shown to be lifesaving. It is thought that patients taking these drugs are less likely to transmit the HIV virus. Uninfected people who take the medications will become infected if exposed.

Hope for AIDS-free generation, one in which H.I.V. transmission slows to a medication-induced crawl, while breakthrough cases are diagnosed promptly and medicated adequately enough to forestall disease progression to AIDS.

It appears to be possible that n AIDS-free generation could be realized  with the discrimination of drugs.

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