What if you were indirectly responsible for the deaths of several women in your neighborhood? What would you do if a psychopath decided to use your neighborhood as his hunting ground? This is the story of three brothers: Jai, the successful attorney in one of Philadelphia s top law firms, Ryan, the IT Professional that is struggling with his sexual identity and Nate, the dealer that has risen to one of the highest ranks in drug distribution ring based in a North Philadelphia neighborhood known as The Block. A series of brutal murders takes place on The Block , but nothing is being done about it because the women that are being killed are addicted to the product that Nate sells. Bruthas deals with family, loyalty, trust, honesty as well as police corruption and murder. Much like the winding streets of Philadelphia, Bruthas takes you on a roller coaster ride exploring the depths of addiction to the heights of family love and will keep you guessing until it s climatic finale.  

His romantic weekend in ruins, shy twenty-something artist Perry Foster learns that things can always get worse when he returns home from San Francisco to find a dead body in his bathtub. A dead body in a very ugly sportscoat--and matching socks. The dead man is a stranger to Perry, but that's not much of a comfort; how did a strange dead man get in a locked flat at the isolated Alton Estate in the wilds of the "Northeast Kingdom" of Vermont? Perry turns to help from "tall, dark and hostile" former navy SEAL Nick Reno--but is Reno all that he seems?

Biography A distinct voice in gay fiction, multi-award-winning author JOSH LANYON has been writing gay mystery and romance for over a decade. In addition to numerous short stories, novellas, and novels, Josh is the author of the critically acclaimed Adrien English series, including the Hell You Say, winner of the 2006 USABookNews awards for GLBT Fiction and a Lambda Literary Award finalist for Gay Mystery. Josh is also the author of the definitive M/M writing guide Man, Oh Man: Writing M/M Fiction for Kinks and Ca$h.

Josh is an Eppie Award winner and a three-time Lambda Literary Award finalist -- and lives in Los Angeles, California.


Book Description Publication Date: August 18, 2012 Matthew Elliot is one of LA's best detectives. He's been labeled the golden boy of the Fab Four; a team of four detectives who've closed down drug-rings all over the city.

Matthew's smart, tough, and exceptionally good at his job. He's also a closeted gay man. Enter Kira Takeo Franco, the new boxing coach at the gym. Matt can't deny his immediate attraction to the man his fellow cops know as Frankie.

In allowing himself to fall in love with a man known to his colleagues, he risks outing them both. But it's not the other cops who Matt should be worried about finding out his deepest darkest secrets. It's the bad guys.

Author Bio: N.R. Walker is mum to two young kids, has a boring-as-hell day job, but dreams of writing full-time. She found a love for m/m love in fanfiction and hasn't read a het (straight-couple) story since. She loves writing, and spends far too much time doing it, but wouldn't have it any other way.

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On Christmas Eve in 1985, a hunter found a young boy's body along an icy corn field in Nebraska. The residents of Chester, Nebraska buried him as "Little Boy Blue," unclaimed and unidentified-- until a phone call from Ohio two years later led authorities to Eli Stutzman, the boy's father.

Eli Stutzman, the son of an Amish bishop, was by all appearances a dedicated farmer and family man in the country's strictest religious sect. But behind his quiet fa├žade was a man involved with pornography, sadomasochism, and drugs. After the suspicious death of his pregnant wife, Stutzman took his preschool-age son, Danny, and hit the road on a sexual odyssey ending with his conviction for murder. But the mystery of Eli Stutzman and the fate of his son didn't end on the barren Nebraska plains. It was just beginning. . .

From the Author: I live in rural Washington State (about a mile as the crow flies from Starvation Heights). I've wrapped up my eigth novel -- a serial killer thriller coming out in January 2013. It's called Fear Collector. I've been a guest on Dateline NBC, NPR, Good Morning America, The Early Show, FOX News; CNN, Anderson Cooper 360, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, Extra, Access Hollywood, Snapped, Deadly Women, William Shatner's Aftermath, and A&E's Biography.

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