A Gay Crime Novel-“Amber Snails”

Max Anders, AKA Klaus Altman, mob bookkeeper and his father,Amber Snails discover the mutilated body of a Federal agent, dumped on the front porch at 3:00am. You then learn that the government has subpoenaed Max to testify against Adamo Gattuccio, Philadelphia Mafia boss.As you’re drawn deeper into the story, you experience the unmistakable feeling that Gattuccio fears Max’s testimony will send him to prison; and confirming your fear, he puts a hit out on Max which he announces by having the Fed’s body dumped on Max’s porch. Later the same day, you worry for Max as you watch the scene play out in D.A. Kennedy’s office, where you witness strained conflict between Max, the D.A., and Federal agent, Nick Xenos as they literally kidnap Max, in order to protect him and sequester him to witness protection in rural upstate New York.There, you meet fourteen-year-old Galena Baldwin who falls instantly and insanely in love with Max.  There’s no question in your mind that she’s intent on spending her life with him, and demonstrates unwavering determination in her quest.Later, you shudder as she is brutally attacked in an alley behind a 1928 speakeasy where she expects to meet Max but instead, is surprised by the sax player in Max’s band who has just been evicted from the speak easy. To your disgust, or amazement, or at the very least, creating near disbelief in your initial understanding of Galena’s character when she chooses not to reveal her rape to Max, and later tells him she’s pregnant; and though she and Max have never made love, she blackmails him; threatening to report him to authorities for child abuse.The threat works. Fear of being murdered in prison, and for the sake of the child, Max marries her, but promises to despise her forever. Son, Erik is born and becomes the brunt of Galena’s self-pity. The Mafia pursues Max through the next twenty-five years when the story culminates in a surprising, but highly satisfactory ending involving retribution, murder, Mafia success and a negotiated tolerance within the family. A must read!